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The Telecommunications Research Lab at the IBA FCS focuses on research being conducted by the Ph.D students and faculty members in the areas of Wireless Sensor Networks and Mobile Networks with special emphasis on performance analysis, simulation and applications of machine learning to the areas of wireless sensor networks and IoT. The TRL has invested in several Wireless Sensor Network lab equipment and also has expertise in state of the art simulation softwares including NS2, NS3, Avrora and QualNet. Faculty and students at the TRL frequently contribute to International conferences and Journals and are active participants in International workshops and trainings. Dr. S.M. Faisal Iradat and most recently Dr. Shama Siddiqui have so far completed their PhDs from the TRL.


News & Announcements

- December 2021: Hamida Ali successfully defended her dissertation entitled: “Heterogeneous Traffic-Based Queuing Model for Wireless Sensor Networks”.

- Aug 2020: Anwar Ahmad Khan successfully defends PhD dissertation entitled: “Preemptive Priority Based Data Fragmentation Scheme for Heterogeneous Traffic in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)

- May 2020: An Interdisciplinary project titled "Face Your Fear: Human Activity Recognition for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder", submitted by Nida Saddaf Khan, Dr. Sayeed Ghani and Dr. Gulnaz Anjum was successful in achieving funding from the IBA Research Funding and Publications Committee (RFPC).

- April 2020: Mr. Anwar ul Haque joins the TRL as PhD scholar working under Dr. Sayeed Ghani

- 25 May, 2018: Real-Time Analysis of a Sensor’s Data for Automated Decision Making in an IoT-Based Smart Home published in Sensors Journal, a Q1 ranked journal with Impact Factor 2.67.

- 10 May, 2018: Shama Siddiqui was awarded PhD degree in Computer Science on her work “A Study on Channel Polling Mechanisms for Wireless Sensor Networks”. She worked under the supervision of Dr. Sayeed Ghani, Head of TRL, and Associate Dean, Faculty of Computer Science

- Oct 2016: IBA-CS retains highest ranking by NCEAC

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Message from Dr. Sayeed Ghani
Professor and Chairman Academic Committee - Computer Science

The Telecommunication Research Lab at the FCS IBA presently has several PhD scholars conducting state of the art research focused in two primary areas:

• Research in conducting testbed simulations of Wireless Sensor Networks.

• Research in the application of Machine Learning algorithms in Wireless Networks.

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